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Larimer County has created a process to work with the County, City of Thornton, and Northern Water with an independent facilitator to review and give feedback on proposed water conveyance alternatives associated with the City of Thornton Water Project 1041 permit application.At a hearing on August 1, 2018, the Board of Larimer County Commissioners tabled the Thornton pipeline 1041 application decision until December 17, 2018 to allow Larimer County and City of Thornton to work with the public to better define and analyze issues, alternatives, and solutions related to the pipeline proposal(s). 

Through a 1041 process, Larimer County may ask an applicant to provide additional information, including community engagement and technical analysis.  Therefore, to gain better input into the process and allow for better coordination between entities, the county is working with an independent facilitator, Peak Facilitation, to host a process including a working group and public events to include and hear from all interested parties over the next several months.  As part of that process, the county also will be overseeing additional technical analysis for the Thornton application and alternatives.

The County’s goal is to create an overall process that is open for anyone who may be interested in contributing.  We encourage you and others to join and bring your expertise in several other ways such as:

·       follow this webpage and sign up for notifications (, 

·       attend two upcoming public meetings to learn more and share your perspectives, and

·       follow the Working Group that will be open for public to observe and provide written comments.  

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County's Land Use Code


Thornton Revised Documents

Info about the Thornton Water Project (Provided by the City of Thornton)

Info about the Northern Integrated Supply Project (Provided by Northern Water)

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Possible Outcomes

Potential outcomes from the process include an understanding of alternatives, and opportunities for solutions while gathering input leading to better water conveyance. The information will be included in a report to be shared with the Board of Larimer County Commissioners to aid in their decision-making on the Thornton 1041 application in December.