Working Group

The county has formed a working group to provide information, share input and feedback on issues, and options for the proposed project. At the conclusion of the process the facilitator, Peak Facilitation, will share a summary of the conclusions from the group with the Board of Larimer County Commissioners.

Working Group Composition

Larimer County values the diverse perspectives regarding the water and pipeline conveyance issues and aims for the Working Group membership to reflect that diversity of interests and geographic differences. 

The working group will meet five times in evenings (generally 6-9 p.m.).  Meetings are open to the public to observe and provide written comments.  Dates are as follows:

●      Tuesday, Sept. 18 (View Agenda 9-18 )

Meeting Summary_9.18.18

Collaborative Group Protocols_Larimer County_Draft_9.17.18

City of Thornton Water Project Summary of Public Comments_9.18.18

Working Group Process Overview_9.17.18

Positions / Interests

Working Group List of Interests

●      Tuesday, Oct. 9 (View Agenda 10-9)

Zach Smith presentation materials on the Poudre River: handout_10.9.18

Zach Smith presentation materials on the Poudre River: poster_10.9.18

Gary Wockner presentation materials on the Poudre River: slides_10.9.18

Stephanie Cecil presentation materials on the Northern Integrated Supply Project: slides_10.9.18

Mark Koleber presentation materials on alternative pipeline routes: Thornton alternatives slide_10.9.18

Mark Koleber presentation materials on alternative pipeline routes: Thornton farm properties map_10.9.18

Dennis Harmon presentation materials on the Water Supply and Storage Company: slides_10.9.18

●      Wednesday, Oct. 24 (View Agenda 10-24)

Meeting Summary_10.24.18

Kratt What-if Idea Presentation

McCauley What-if Idea Presentation

Hillman What-if Idea Presentation

Hillman What-if Idea Print Handouts

Norman What-if Idea Presentation

Kitchell What-if Idea Presentation

Wockner What-if Idea Presentation

Carabello What-if Idea Presentation

Heiden, Rios, Roudebush, Linkenheil, and Siano What-if Idea Presentation

Donovan What-if Idea Presentation

Wagner What-if Idea Presentation

Stavedahl What-if Idea Presentation

●     Webinars

Constructability and Geotechnical Webinar Recording _11.5.18
Constructability and Geotechnical Webinar Summary_11.5.18

Water Flow and Quality11.5.18
Please note that the quality of this webinar will improve after two minutes of viewing.
Water Flow and Quality Webinar Summary_11.5.18

Technical Memo from Traffic Consultant Rich Follmer (updated 11.13.18)
Traffic Webinar Summary_11.6.18

●      Tuesday, Nov. 13 (View Agenda 11-13)

Working Group Questions/Answers (Accumulated questions from the Working Group since September with answers)

Canal Conveyance Option Handout

Douglas Road Option Handout

North Route Option Handout

Poudre River Option Handout

Shields Street to Poudre River Option Handout

●      Tuesday, Nov. 27

The working group will be comprised of the following mix:

  • Agricultural Advisory Board

  • At Large Property Owner

  • At Large

  • At Large

  • At Large

  • Braidwood

  • Country Club Road

  • County Road 56 Area

  • Ditch Company, Water Supply and Storage

  • Eagle Lake HOA

  • Hearthfire

  • Hwy. 1 Area / Douglas Road

  • Lochland Park

  • No Pipe Dream

  • North Shields Area

  • S Bar G Representation

  • Save the Poudre

  • Starlite Drive

  • Terry Acres HOA

  • Terry Cove HOA

  • Terry Point Townhomes HOA

  • Terry Shores

  • The Hill at Cobb Lake HOA

  • Woody Creek HOA

  • City of Fort Collins

  • Town of Timnath

  • Town of Windsor

  • Weld County Government

The Working Group will be a recommending body (without decision-making authority).  Members will perform the following primary functions:

1.     Attend and participate in five scheduled evening meetings.

2.     Represent an organization’s interests (e.g., neighborhood, public agency, or non-profit) and relay information from dialogue to the organization’s membership regarding other points of view, possible alternatives and mitigation, and evolving solutions.

3.     Work constructively to understand the concerns of others in the group and help find ways to address them.

4.     Assist with ranking ideas and outcomes but not voting.